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Works in Gress/Trabajos en Greso

8th December – 26th January 2023
JO-HS and Olympia are proud to collaborate and
present Works In Gress, a solo exhibition of tapestries
created over the course of the last two years by
Cassandra Mayela. The exhibition highlights Mayela’s
ongoing Maps of Displacement - a participatory series
of site-specific installations created through
repurposing Venezuelan immigrants' clothes to create
tapestries that evoke one of the largest modern-day
refugee crises.


Looking inwards from the outside 

November 10th - December 6th
JO-HS is delighted to present an exhibition by two female artists, Anico Mostert and Melissa Rios. Looking inwards from the outside will showcase new work created during their residencies at JO-HS in September and October 2022. Both artists are experimental in their methods of creating artwork, exploring internal narratives and influences prompted by their time spent in Mexico City.


JO-HS: In Residence

September 3rd - October 31st

JO-HS is delighted to announce the new exhibition “JO-HS: In Residence” bringing together new works of five artists who have been part of the residency program summer 2022 at JO-HS.


Keramos Keremos

June 11th - September 1st
“Keramos-Keremos” takes its title from the greek term “keramos”, meaning “clay”, or “a potter”. Referring to “keremos”, this is a spanish word and its correct spelling is “queremos”, which means “we want”. As it is well known, the use of clay has been one of the earliest forms of expression. Intended for a utilitarian or aesthetic purpose, its creation has one thing in common: human contact.



March 23 - May 10th
JO-HS is pleased to present ‘Domesticada’, an all women’s show opening March 23rd in honor of International Women’s Month. This exhibition will bring together the works of women exploring and commenting on the term ‘Domesticated’. Distorting and disputing conventional archetypes of gender roles and expressions.



February 10th - March 16th
JO-HS is proud to present its third exhibition ‘LUZ’ bringing together a group of modern and contemporary lighting designers, photographers and artists all working within the realm of light.

What is light and what would we do without it?


December 9th - January 30th
Mexico City - JO-HS is pleased to present its second group show ‘Girasol’ with a group of contemporary painters. Drawing together the works of seventeen young and emerging artists from across the world all working in the medium of painting.
GIRASOL” or “sunflower” is a symbol that encompasses beauty, happiness, and unconditional love.



November 4 - December 4th
The curatorial project VIVARIUM was first conceived as a collaboration between Brazilian art gardener Andre Feliciano and curator Elisabeth Johs as they pondered  the idea of a museum / gallery where art could be sustained rather than left to die and subside. The conundrum of art’s purpose in society brought forward many questions. If art is a mechanism for change through shifting our thoughts, How do we define what art needs to be in order to be alive? How can art be sustained?  What does art need to re-generate? What should we ask of art?...