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JO-HS: In Residence

September 3rd - October 31st

JO-HS is delighted to announce the new exhibition “JO-HS: In Residence” bringing together new works of five artists who have been part of the residency program summer 2022 at JO-HS.

This exhibition extends an investigation of materials and shapes by Rose Barberat, Pedro Lavin, Antoine Lussier, Gabriela Maskrey and Jack Mernin made during their stay in Mexico. Each one, in their own way and with their style, have created works in-situ throughout a month. At JO-HS we are very interested in making the creation processes visible. We firmly believe that everyone deserves a space to work and express themselves. Likewise, we believe the dialogue expands and is exchanged by having a multifunctional space where an immersive experience is taking place.

Nothing gives us more pleasure and pride than exhibiting the work that has been created here; which has led us to learn more about all the artists who have worked in the studios. It's about making connections and actually understanding the artists and hence their work. Only in this way, can the totality of their art be understood.

For some artists it may be their first time in Mexico City, so it takes a considerate  adjustment to get the “feel” for this vibrant, chaotic, and colorful city. In a way, the artists become like a sponge; absorbing the culture, essence, smells, views and the day to day life, but also dispelling their past burdens and monotonous routines. 

For this occasion, we are excited to share with you a series of interviews we have had the pleasure to do to our resident artists, which we are very sure, will surprise you as much as they did to us. 

︎︎︎ Rose Barberat 
︎︎︎ Pedro Lavin 
︎︎︎ Antoine Lussier
︎︎︎ Gabriela Maskrey
︎︎︎ Jack Mernin