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September 3rd - October 31st 


JO-HS is delighted to announce the new exhibition “JO-HS: In Residence” bringing together new works of five artists who have been part of the residency program summer 2022 at JO-HS.

This exhibition extends an investigation of materials and shapes by Gabriela Maskrey, Jack Mernin, Antoine Lussier, Pedro Lavin and Rose Barberat made during their stay in Mexico. Each one, in their own way and with their style, have created works in-situ throughout a month. At JO-HS we are very interested in making the creation processes visible. We firmly believe that everyone deserves a space to work and express themselves. Likewise, we believe the dialogue expands and is exchanged by having a multifunctional space where an immersive experience is taking place.

For some artists it may be their first time in Mexico City, so it takes a considerate  adjustment to get the “feel” for this vibrant, chaotic, and colorful city. In a way, the artists become like a sponge; absorbing the culture, essence, smells, views and the day to day life, but also dispelling their past burdens and monotonous routines.

Nothing gives us more pleasure and pride than exhibiting the work that has been created here; which has led us to learn more about all the artists who have worked in the studios. It's about making connections and actually understanding the artists and hence their work. Only in this way, can the totality of their art be understood.

JO-HS: In Residence 

Antoine Lussier (b.1994, Montréal, CA.)
Born in Montreal (QC), Antoine Lussier (He/Him) is a visual artist who lives and works in Montreal. His work resists the philosophies and practices of traditional photography while playing with the medium in a self-referential way. Antoine is currently completing his studies at Concordia University. His work has been presented in several group exhibitions in London, New York and Montreal.
Antoine Lussier explores material and digital photographic resistance by working with methods of fragmentation, juxtaposition, distribution and duplication. Antoine's photographs are contemplative in their textures, details and abstractions. His photographs explore, through the transparency of his work, the errors and the chances he leaves intentionally behind. Traces and marks come to surface on his images, showing all the materials used, transformed and physically explored by the repetition, scanning and reframing he is constructing.

Jack Mernin (b. 1991)
Jack Mernin is an American artist who divides his time between Manila, Philippines, New York, NY, and Belleville, PA. Mernin received his B.F.A from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2014. Mernin’s large-scale paintings are designed using an intuitive approach that seeks to translate particular visual encounters. Atmospheric forms are suggested as fragments, colliding in rapid succession until a surprising image inadvertently reveals itself. Dynamic color relationships absorb spontaneous structures, which establish seductive, unstable compositions that both command and retain attention. Recent solo exhibitions include Every Now and Again, Altro Mondo, Manilla (2019) and Lansgage, Kanto Gallery, Manila (2018).

Rose Barberat (b. France 1994)
Rose Barberat (born in 1994 in Saint-Claude, France) lives in Paris and works in Clichy at Poush Manifesto. After studying Modern Letters at the University of Cergy-Pontoise, she graduated with a master degree in Creative Writing, later entering the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts of Paris. After two years in Tim Eitel’s studio, she joined Nina Childress’s, refining her practice in oil painting and questioning the issues of contemporary representation.
Her first solo exhibition “Planétarium” in September 2021 at PACT gallery came after graduating the Beaux-Arts of Paris in July 2021. The exhibition received support from the CNAP (national center of visual arts) for the first exhibition with a grant. During this time she also presented a solo exhibition at Art Paris art fair, within the focus on the "Portrait and figuration" of Hervé Mikaeloff. Similar work was shown as part of the collective exhibition  “L'écume des songes” in September 2021 at Poush Manifesto, an artistic residency. Previously, she participated in several collective exhibitions in France, her work was also shown in several fairs as Fiac OVR 2021 and NADA Miami 2021 in the USA.

Pedro Lavin (b.1989, Mexico)

Pedro Lavin (b. 1989) is visual artist and filmmaker from Mexico City, currently living and working in NYC.
His work explores self mythology, ritual and personal deific pantheons; weaving magical realism and oneiric fantasy with his own lived experience to create story. This aesthetic pursuit is rooted in themes of sex, gender and desire; the metamorphotic power of nature; and the primal link between the sacred and the profane. His multidisciplinary practice unfolds across a variety of artforms including drawing, digital collage, film, concept and generative art.
Lavin’s work has been shown internationally at Sundance Film Festival, Annecy Animation Film Festival, REDCAT Gallery; collected a Bronze Cannes Lion, won gold at ORION Film Festival; and is a part of Vimeo’s curated Experimental Film Collection. It has been covered by the New York Times, LA Times, Communication Arts Magazine, Fast Company and STASH Media. On March 2022, Lavin completed a residency at JO-HS, a studio and gallery space located in the heart of Mexico City.
Lavin is currently in post production for “La Pequeña Muerte”, a short film inspired in equal parts by his own queerness, sexuality and the hybrid cultures of his native Mexico.

Gabriela Isabel Maskrey (b. 1987, London)
Gabriela is an artist and graphic designer born in London and raised in Lima. She studied Architecture at The University of Edinburgh and majored as MA Editorial Design at ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering. Gabriela is founder of creative studio Te MATA and is currently living between Costa Rica and Mexico.
Gabriela has worked in numerous series, exploring repetition and layering of naif portraits, tropical formations and other abstractions. Gabriela is known for her artistic and design work across various platforms, media, and publishing.