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Melissa Rios

April 2023

JO-HS is thrilled to announce the representation of Melissa Rios

Melissa Ríos artistic production focuses primarily on painting and drawing where she explores and contemplates images and space from a feminine, literary, poetic and surrealist perspective, using the limits between figuration and abstraction as a stylistic resource. Her paintings aim to create visual and imaginary stories or narratives closer to a dream than to reality.

Full of great emotional and existential charge, as an exercise in self-knowledge and catharsis, which she shares in an intimate and almost personal way with theviewer.

Her academic training involves architecture and advertising design, in a multidisciplinary way she has developed parallel projects of art direction, internal space, product design, furniture and photography.

JO-HS will be exhibiting a solo presentation of Melissa’s paintings during Frieze, New York opening May 16th. For more information about Melissa Rios work or the gallery’s upcoming program in New York City please email