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Collaboration with Cassandra Mayela

Works in Gress/Trabajos en Greso 

Work in progress (WIP) is an acronym often used by artists to indicate that the work being presented is unfinished. In the manufacturing world, “WIP” refers to a company’s partially finished goods waiting for completion.

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PERCEPTIONS: SS23 Collection by NIN Studio at JO-HS 

Runway Show

Nin is an ethically made woman owned independent art project inspired by the transformation of matter. Using clothing as its medium since 2018 Nin Studio transforms the intangible into the tangible.
Handcrafted pleats and prints are characteristic techniques of the brand, with the production of fabrics focused on environmental care and support for small local businesses within Mexico City.

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Interviews with resident artists 

JO-HS: In Residence

For this occasion, we are excited to share with you a series of interviews we have had the pleasure to do to our resident artists, which we are very sure, will surprise you as much as they did to us.

Performance: Emilio Gómez Ruiz 

Keramos keremos

Mexican artist Emilio Gómez Ruiz creates atmospheric drone sequences through hand-made ceramic re-interpretations of prehispanic objects “ocarinas” made and burnt on his DIY kiln