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Emilio creates sonic atmospheres through his hand made re-interpretations of prehispanic objects called “ocarinas” burnt in his DIY kiln at his studio in the south of Mexico City. To accomplish these drone sequences, Emilio uses small valves that distribute the air coming from his air pump through small pipes connecting each ocarina to the air source and granting them their own voice.  

About Emilio Gómez Ruiz (b.1984, Mexico City)
Ceramist and fine artist. He studied Visual Arts at "La Esmeralda" and at the National University of Colombia, Medellín, with a master's degree in sculpture from the UNAM. He has twice been awarded the Jóvenes Creadores Scholarship from INBA, as well as the UNAM Scholarship for postgraduate studies in visual arts.
During his career he has worked in different fields such as sound art, industrial design, graphics, painting and sculpture. Since 2005 he has been dedicated himself to working with high-temperature ceramics; 2017 saw his inauguration at Centro Nasu, a space dedicated to production, laboratory, teaching, gallery, where he produced the work of Carlos Amorales for the 2017 Venice Biennale and, currently for the University Museum of Contemporary Art, which consists of a thousand ocarinas in high-temperature ceramics.