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‘Realities in Dialogue’ 

Show NYC, May 2023

New York, NY – JO-HS, the gallery, design space and artist studio residency in Mexico City, is pleased to announce its first foray in the US, with a new space in the heart of Tribeca (121 Watts Street) timed to Frieze Week. JO-HS works primarily with emerging contemporary artists supporting them with the production, exhibition and distribution of their art. For the inaugural exhibition, JO-HS will present Realities in Dialogue, a solo exhibition of work by Costa-Rican painter Melissa Ríos. The exhibition will include 18 surreal, sensual, and highly technique oil paintings that display a mix of body and form.

On Monday May 15th JO-HS opened the doors to their first exhibition in New York with a solo presentation of painter Melissa Rios during Frieze. The exhibition open through June is taking place in a temporary space in Tribeca Following the opening we had a fun celebration at Casa Cipriani NYC hosted by Tequila Komos.