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Therese Regalado

(b. Philippines.)


February 2023


Membranas created during her residency at JO-HS channel movement. The fibers of their being organize around a mass of light that she swathes in silken tissue or stainless steel. That they hold at right angles exhibits their delicate and impermeable virtues which together are able to parcel up a glowing source and quietly brighten the surroundings. A membrane is a boundary too and like a filtrate, sieves the entry and exit of stuff, the historical, ethical, and ecological conditions of which Regalado, a trained furniture maker, traffics materially. When shaping surface, for instance, she regards silk in terms of its patient and translucent harvest, or of its filament for the making of bulletproof vests, the violent vein of this latter striking into the metals in which she frames her work or by which she, herself a wearer of glaring charms, deposits slight defenses onto their skin. On every sharp edge of her armor, Regalado draws a line. There, she has thought about what she falls heir to and what she can still be, the threads of her affliction and affection spun into secrets and made to set sheerly and sinuously into a frosted frontier. Regalado’s entity then is not so much the thing drawn to a close nor the parts held inertly inside or outside an organism; rather it is the cusp on which a body loses and assumes shape, the lining on which she entraps and sets free some sort of life. (Kiko del Rosario)

Therese Regalado (b. 1987) researches and relates materials, craft and puzzle-solving in making objects. Her work intervenes with processes of how materials are made and fidgeting with notions of restrictions and assembly. Regalado has exhibited her work in both solo and group shows.