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October 2022

Perceptions SS23 collection explores the theory that consciousness can transform into a united and amorphous being, ultimately becoming a universal perception. Although each person has a different view, this collection provides a space for impressions to merge as one.

Perceptions is an endeavor to go beyond clothing, to go beyond the experience of the form.

Nin is an ethically made woman owned independent art project inspired by the transformation of matter. Using clothing as its medium since 2018 Nin Studio transforms the intangible into the tangible.

At this event, NIN Studio took over our whole space. It’s designer and very good friend Brit had such a vision for this day and everything went as planned. On October 7th 2022 the house was filled with subtle, energetic and vibrant vibes from all the people of the fashion scence in Mexico City, various of our beloved clients and of course, the whole team that made this happen. I remember us, from the JO-HS team being very excited and quite skeptical about what was going to happen on this 2 day event in which there was no art (at least from our curation) displayed, althought, various clothing/fabric installations where hung at our walls. They looked just stunning.

On the next day, Saturday 8th, there was a performance that took place in our main exhibition room or more commonly known as: the room with the plants. In this performance, the artist and performer Jessica was invited to make a sequence of movements between NIN’s PERCEPTION collection pieces, the set included a mirror and a spiral rack full of these pale aesthetic mesh dresses. 

During the performance, Jessica was trying on, off and layering NIN’s pieces, looking at the crowd directly into our eyes and repeating to herself a series of enchantments that none of us could listen to but her. 

What does getting dressed implies? How do we choose what to wear and when? Why do we choose what we choose to wear and how do we make that decision?

I coudn’t help to ask myself these questions while looking at Jessica perform. I remember being anxious about knowing what she wanted us to feel or think while looking at her soft movements and pace having direct contact with this almost-transparent clothing and organic material laying on the wooden floor. Jessica and Brit had definitely succeded on leaving open perceptions to the audience about the ritual each of us experience as individuals when achieving the simple yet complex daily task of getting dressed.

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